What COAC Did After Killing Yoni

(COAC = Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club,5800 Cathedral Oaks Road Goleta, CA 93117)

Yoni andtractor

  • COAC Reopened the Day After Yoni’s Death: Despite the fact that an innocent little boy died because of the gross negligence of the owners, managers and employees of the Club and Camp, COAC reopened its day care camp the very next day!
  • The Club Owners Made Large Financial Contributions to the Sheriff’s Council: Richard Berti made very substantial contributions to the Sheriff’s Council shortly after Yoni’s death.
  • COAC Delayed Giving The Video To The D.A.: The Gottesmans had to insist that the hard drive of the video recording be preserved and provided to authorities.
  • COAC Tried to Profit From Preserving the Surveillance Video: Berti and COAC’s attorney demanded that the Gottesmans pay nearly $5,000 for a replacement hard drive.
  • COAC Suddenly Had New Owners and New Management: After decades of ownership by the same people, COAC suddenly had new owners and new management following Yoni's death.
  • COAC Tried to Disqualify the Gottesman's Family Attorney: COAC baselessly tried to disqualify the Gottesman's family attorney in an effort to avoid responsibility in the tragic death of Yoni Gottesman due to COAC's negligence.
  • COAC Continued to Advertise: COAC continued to advertise in local papers using smiling children to lure families to their facilities.

Outrageous Events Following Yoni's Death

To find out about the outrageous events following Yoni's death, and COAC's misconduct and failures to act