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Adobe Acrobat Reader May 20, 2009 - CBS News: Deadly Summer Camp Dangers

"Parents, beware: A complete lack of federal oversight of summer camps and what at best is a patchwork quilt of state and local oversight leave your kids more vulnerable than you probably think when you entrust them to the care of such camps."

Adobe Acrobat Reader KTLA News 2009 - Drowning Danger: 4 Year Old Dies at Swim Camp

"Four-year old Yoni Gottesman was a happy, athletic kid from Santa Barbara. In 2005, Yoni went to swim camp at the Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club in Goleta. He never came home."

Adobe Acrobat Reader September 29, 2005 - Santa Barbara News-Press: Video raises questions about boy's drowning

"A surveillance camera at the Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club captured the horrifying images of a 4-year-old child submerged motionless in the pool..."

Adobe Acrobat Reader October 14, 2005 - Santa Barbara News-Press: Athletic club did not have proper permit

"...the state's Community Care Licensing Division determined that the private facility broke the law by operating without a child care license and ordered it to shut down its kids' Activity Camp."

Adobe Acrobat Reader November 22, 2005 - Santa Barbara News-Press: DA urged to investigate 4-year-old's drowning

"...Mr. Gottesman said he is pushing for a criminal investigation to prevent another drowning. It was not the first time a child had been pulled from the pool and given CPR at the Athletic Club, which has been owned by Richard Berti since 1989."

Adobe Acrobat Reader November 14, 2006 - Santa Barbara News-Press: Attorneys want state to investigate boy's drowning

"The attorneys for the family of a 4-year-old boy who drowned last year at a Goleta athletic club are urging the state attorney general to launch a criminal investigation, saying earlier probes by the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's Office, finding no criminal wrongdoing, were deeply flawed."

Adobe Acrobat Reader July 20, 2007 - Santa Barbara Daily Sound: Family sues club over death

"...lifeguards and counselors did not receive proper training and did not watch the camp participants closely enough."

Adobe Acrobat Reader July 24, 2007 - Santa Barbara News-Press: Parents file wrongful death suit - DA had declined to file charges after 4-year-old's drowning

"The suit on Yoni's behalf names West Coast Athletic Clubs, which owns Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, Santa Barbara Athletic Club and Club West, club owners Richard Berti, Richard Ortale, Julie Main and Jim Knell, and camp personnel who were on duty at the time of the boy's death."


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