Esther Clark

The Aquatics Director at COAC. She was responsible for the hiring, supervision and training of swim instructors and lifeguards, and for ensuring proper certification of swim instructors and lifeguards at COAC.


Nearly four years after Yoni's death, on the day trial opened, she only
admitted she was negligent and the cause of Yoni Gottesman's death,
yet in deposition she denied any responsibility.

Highlights of the Verdict and Judgement

The Judgement against Esther Clark included the following:

Question 5. Did the following defendants commit wilful misconduct?

Esther Clark: YES.

Question 6. Did plaintiffs prove by clear and convincing evidence that
any of the following named defendants engaged in the conduct with
malice, oppression, or fraud?

Esther Clark: YES.

Phase 2 ("Punitive Damages"):

Question 1. What amount of punitive damages, if any, do you award
plaintiffs against the following named defendants?

Esther Clark: $xxx

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